Atop the difficulties caused by the pandemic,Building Excellent IT Products Remotely Articles there exist several problems in countries like The United States that have been prevalent for quite some time now. Software companies since long weigh retaining talents versus reducing production/development costs. Now more than ever, it is very difficult to create and maintain a software development team that is affordable, consistent, productive, and time conscious at the same time.

The desire for companies to assemble remote software development teams is not something new. Statistics show that, in fact, the market size of the outsourcing industry in the US in 2020 is $132.9 billion. It is going to grow by 1.6% in the same year. With such a huge market share, many companies that work with remote teams still struggle to effectively perform tasks in their sales pipeline. At Novateus, our outsourcing teams effectively build excellent IT products.
Strategies to Build IT Products Remotely

A product manager in a remote working environment needs to set up his team and have them work effectively to deliver products on time. Here are a few strategies following which you can manage your remote software development team effectively.
Embracing Customer-driven Approach

Inhouse product and project managers are trained to follow systematic mvp strategy sales-centric engineering approaches. Shifting to remote work requires you and your organization to follow a customer-centric approach, rather than a product-centric one. A product-driven business develops a product first, then looks for a customer. It’s not how it works with software development companies nowadays.


Customers approach them with their ideas, and it’s their job to develop a solution. Remote teams work with market-driven businesses, which function solely on the basis of customer satisfaction. Thus, to deliver an excellent IT product you have to make every effort of delivering high-quality products and services. All these efforts coupled with excellent customer service and support deliver high quality IT products.

Remote teams should research the customers they’re working with, given that they are in a completely different area geographically. Teams conduct market research, focusing on the needs and preferences of customers. Based on the information obtained, the product development team will then come up with a design that addresses those needs. Upon launch, the product will satisfy all customer needs and expectations.
Replacing Inhouse Interactions

Working remotely, communication without effective planning can be very difficult. Working inhouse, teams interact regularly, share ideas and progress, and work together to deliver the perfect IT product. However, everything is different with remote teams. But that does not mean we can’t create some of the same dynamics.
Virtual Meetings

To replace daily standup and meetings that happen while working in an office, remote teams should reinvent these same strategies. With team members having their own timezones, everyone can have the freedom to set their own schedules. That being said, some form of the daily convening of the team is still important to ensure operations are transparent and everybody is included in the teams.

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