Is Mass the Same As Weight?

Imagine yourself staring at a basketball, you can see its shape and features. What you are looking at is the basketball’s mass. Mass is how much matter is in an object. Everything in side the basketball is its mass. Every particle, every speck of that basketball is its mass. Mass is what makes an object a object. Its how big or small you are, how tall or how wide. A bus has more mass than a car, because a bus is bigger, it has more mass than a small car.

Weight is the force given off a body from Mass Weight Gainer Before and After results gravity. On Earth an average male weights 191 pounds thanks to gravity, this means that there is newton force of 191 acting on the man. Since gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s, on Mars your weight would only be 72 pounds. People with more mass weight more. An example of this is looking at a fully grown man and a child. An adult would weigh more than a child, because they have more mass. Children are usually smaller and have less mass. Since there is more mass on an adult, there is more force to act on them, with more force means more weight. Previously stated, adults have more muscles, more skin, basically more of everything than in a child. Their bones weight more, so adults have more mass. While weight and mass are different the same tool can measure both concepts.

A regular scale can be used to find both weight and mass. This is because weight is a direct way to tell the amount of mass an object has. An example of this is comparing two books. One book weights around 5 pounds, while one weight at around 10 pounds. By looking at the two different weights of the books, we can determine which on is heavier. The book that weights 10 pounds would have more mass, there is more force acting on it, hence the heavier weight. Another example is trying to push two boxes up an inclined plane. If one box is physically heavier than the other, then it must weight more. Since