Isomers: Discover the Secret to Maintaining Beautiful Skin

Magic may not actually exist, but some skincare formulas come very close to it. In fact, Isomers is a line of skincare products that offers the clinical version of the fabled Fountain of Youth.

Isomers Laboratories, located in Toronto for more than 20 years, uses modern chemistry to help women regain their youthful appearance. While anyone can use Isomers, the products are specifically formulated for those who are age 40 and older – the age at which skin begins to lose its elasticity and develop deep wrinkles.

In 1987, cofounders Manuela Marcheggiani and her buy Skincell Advanced formulating chemist husband Darius Majlessi began their search for the next generation of skincare products. Believe it or not, Darius developed the first product – a cream called Latiffe – using the blender from his mother’s kitchen. But that was just the beginning for Isomers. Next up was a body cream that battles cellulite. The success and popularity of the products put Manuela and Darius in business and Isomers on the shelf.

The blender used to produce Latiffe was, of course, replaced with a state-of-the-art dermatological laboratory and testing equipment. Isomers Laboratories does not conduct animal testing of its products – nor does it hire other firms to do it for them. Instead, Isomers works with human volunteers – people for whom their products are designed.

Isomers was able to develop a formula for its products that includes a messenger peptide that stimulates the skin and supports collagen, which increases the skin’s lipidity and reduces the depth of wrinkles. It has formulas for five skin types: acne/oily, aging, dry, normal and sensitive skin.

Here is a look at some of their best-selling products for your face: