Massage Table For Sale – Reviews & Tips

Professional massage therapist will need massage table and accessories to complete their equipment either at their own practice, on call treatments, beauty salon spas, and medical spas. With proper massage table both clients and therapists will feel comfortable during the session.

You could find the different type table of massage for sale through online or markets; however a typical commercial table has an easily cleaned, heavily padded surface, proper length, width, height, and weight, rounded corners to prevent injury to either you or your client and a horseshoe-shaped head support that allows the client to breathe easily while lying face down.

Stationary massage table could be suitable for fix place where you will not move quite often, while portable, compact, and lightweight table of massage suitable for therapists who work on-site treatments.
Buying the massage table will be related with type of massage. Every massage has the different of technique with specific requirements such as adjust of height either electrical or manual, folding parts and other special features.

Here some different massage table for sale base on massage types:

1. Sports tables of massage must offer the most support for the clients which Beauty Bed suppliers most athletes as well able to support the therapist weight

2. Ayurverdic Massage tables offer a special table with thick foam and special end panels to able transport all the massage oils used in one central (most on feet side).

3. Reflexology table of massage need a proper height where therapist could do the treatment in sitting position with enough space and knee support for the clients

4. A Reiki therapist may spend lots of time sitting at someone’s head or feet, so it’s more comfortable to
have that open space for the knees to fit.

5. Pregnant Massage need to have adjustable face and head rests, arm rests and foot rests are some of the advanced options for tables with open and close system in abdomen area.

The table accessories can sweeten any deal. Some very common acce