The Story of Argentine International Football, 1901 to 1986

Despite its close ties with Europe, Argentina didn’t play any European teams until 1928. This was partly due to the first world war and its aftermath, and also due to the logistical challenge (and cost) of crossing the Atlantic by boat. Various friendlies were played with other South American countries though, and in 1916 the ‘Copa America’ was created. With a cup to fight for, competition increased, and Argentina didn’t manage to lift the cup until 1921, when it won the first of the 14 that it has won to date.

Argentina’s first fixture against European opposition took place in 1928, when Argentina played Portugal as part of a pre-Olympic tour. The game ended in a 0-0 draw. Following this, the Argentine squad performed well at the Amsterdam Olympics, reaching the final and returning home with silver medals.

In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay. Due to the Wall Street Crash the previous year, few European countries took part, and the final was a replay of the Olympics two years earlier (despite leading 2-1 early on, Argentina lost 4-2 to Uruguay).

In 1934, the Argentine professional league refused to allow it’s players to participate in the second World Cup, as it did not want to lose it’s players for so long, including the ลิ้งค์ทางเข้า ufabet lengthy boat journeys to and from Europe. The Argentine performance was surprisingly good in the end, considering, though the team was defeated by a good Swedish side 3 goals to 2.

They did not have to wait long before raising another cup however, as in 1937 Argentina won their fifth Copa America.

Having lost out to France (the second European country to host it in row) in a bid to host the third World Cup, Argentina petulantly refused to participate in the competition for the next 20 years, including the World Cup held in Brazil in 1950, after a violent dispute after a match with Brazil in 1949 that Argentina had won 2-0.

Whilst the Second World War disrupted the international football calendar, the Copa America continued, which Argentina won in 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1955 and 1957.

Argentina travelled to the 1958 World Cup in Sweden with a strong side that had won the previous year’s Copa America. However, despite the high expectations Argentina underperformed, losing their first game, and then after winning their second being hammered 6-1 by Czechoslovakia, and so saying goodbye to the dream of lifting what might have been their first World Cup.